About us

Didier Roques Rogery, 56, is a recognized European game specialist. He is a professional hunter with 25 years experience and board member of the International Game Foundation (IGF). He has been selecting the best red stags, fallow deer and mouflon sheep all over Europe to be able to offer the largest trophies. His reputation in wildlife management is well known and he often works for wildlife organizations worldwide.


Guillaume Roques Rogery, 30, has always been living in the hunting and wildlife world. He has been studying in South Africa and New Caledonia to be graduated with a Master in Nature Conservation. He has worked all over the world to manage wildlife populations and develop hunting domains.


Their great knowledge of nature and wildlife, and more particularly of deer and mouflon sheep, will make them the perfect guides to provide you with an unforgettable hunt, with the largest trophies in sumptuous French landscapes. They are both fluent in English and french and are active members of the Safari Club International (SCI).