The history of hunting in France

Hunting has been part of the French history for many thousand years and French cave paintings representing hunting scenes date back to prehistoric times.

The main leisure activities of the kings of France and the bourgeoisie were hunting using venery, falconry and guns. Paintings, literature and French culture is very rich in hunting stories and legends.

Today there are 1,350,000 hunters (hunting mainly small game and wild boar). In 2007 the quota was 600,000 roe deer, 13,500 Alpine chamois, 3,200 mouflon sheep and 3,100 Pyrenean chamois and 500,000 wild boars. The quota is increasing every year.

Although France is the premier tourist destination in the world, very few hunters come to hunt in France. Few French hunting domains have advertised internationally and very few have the infrastructure to receive foreign hunters, despite French legislation being designed so foreign hunters can come to France to aquire great trophies.

The main goal of France Safaris is to allow you to combine exceptional hunting with the discovery of the French culture, traditions, gastronomy, wine and nature.